RAID 10 on Linux

I recently had to recreate a new postgresql host for our production environment. Our application is exceptionally read heavy on the DB layer, so a bare bones postgres installation is not going to cut it with regards to the performance I need to get.

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Docker Swarm

Docker 1.12 is in general availability and ready for production. Swarm has been around in previous versions of docker, however its implementation was slightly more complicated, requiring you to run swarm as container.

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AWS VPC Subnet guide

AWS Subnets

VPC Subnetting can be quite tricky to figure out in the beginning. One thing I have noticed, is that its worth the time and effort in getting the planning done first, before you deploy anything.

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What Is DevOps

What is DevOps?

First, let’s just say there is no definitive answer. Yet. There are lots of opinions about what is covered under DevOps and what’s not. Is it a culture? Is it a job title? Is it a way of organizing? Or just a way of thinking? We think it’s a still-evolving movement so let’s not get stuck on limiting it too much right now. Instead, we can talk about some of the common themes, tools and ideas.

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